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Fluid help devise and deliver business, digital, and IT strategies through impartial expert advice and technological know-how, to help leading UK businesses achieve meaningful change.

What is your digital maturity?

Benchmark your company’s current level of digital and IT maturity with the Fluid Maturity Framework

Our services

Digital and IT review

IT opportunities and risks don’t stand still. If it’s been a while since you reviewed if your IT response is right for your business, it’s time for a review.

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Software Implementation

New systems take time to bed in and be effective. Making the right decision and achieving timely implementation is critical to success.

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Custom Digital Solutions

Point solutions are a low risk way to rapidly fix specific business problems.

By digitalising one process you build an affordable custom solution with immediate benefits.

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Team as a Service

Good people can be hard to find.

Pick from our team of friendly digital experts to help you get the job done quickly, efficiently and to a high quality standard.

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Who we work with


IT leadership, change & project delivery for small to medium enterprises

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Private Equity

Value creation from digital transformation, throughout the investment lifecycle

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What does good digital and IT look like for SME businesses?

A guide for non-technical directors and managers with responsibility for IT who either don’t have in-house IT or a limited department

Digital for transformational growth

A series of virtual events for leaders of ambitious SME businesses whose growth is restricted by IT related challenges

Case Studies

Award-winning fish processing firm Aquascot partnered with FluidIT to realise their smart factory ambitions.

“From the first meeting there was a strong sense of honest appraisal of our situation and trust built very rapidly”

Whitby Seafoods activated their digital transformation through not just one but several lightbulb moments.

“There was a lot of enthusiasm and people came away with engagement in the process and commitment to implement it”

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