“As FMCG specialists, we worked with FluidIT to build a low cost, highly customisable waste management app in order to make world class waste management accessible and affordable to all FMCGs.”

Jeremy Praud, FMCG Academy

The FMCG Academy and FluidIT digitised one key process to create an affordable waste management app for FMCG manufacturers.

The FMCG Academy is a not-for-profit membership organisation dedicated to supporting FMCG manufacturers. The Academy is committed to promoting productivity improvement by sharing good and best practice in running a factory. The FMCG academy approached FluidIT to develop a digital solution for waste management in food manufacturing.


UK food manufacturers throw away £1.2 billion of food every year. This huge cost includes outlay on ingredients, energy, water, labour, storage, transport and waste disposal. Many manufacturers are unable to pinpoint the locations on the production line where waste is happening, and what the cost is in each of these positions on the line. The FMCG Academy identified the need for manufacturers to have insight to waste management issues and the ability to prioritise actions.


FluidIT worked with the FMCG Academy to develop COG – a lightweight digital solution. COG is both an app for collecting and analysing data and a dashboard providing management insight. COG is fully customisable to the manufacturer’s products, processes and production lines. The digital tool provides real time reports on top waste management issues, the sources of loss and the costs as they happen and the data trends over time. COG is an affordable digital solution that can be implemented rapidly and without disruption to the wider business.


The FMCG Academy and FluidIT are working with partners to pilot COG, the first of a set of digital tools aimed at helping manufacturers save money, make production more sustainable and cut waste – the aims of the Courtauld Commitment 2025.