Build an IT strategy workshop

“The VMOST session was very good in terms of getting the business thinking about tactical activities linked to their strategy. The visualisation at the end was very powerful.”

Neil Florence, Group Head of ICT, NG Bailey

Make better decisions with VMOST

VMOST stands for Vision, Mission, Objectives, Strategies and Tactics. This workshop gives you clear sight of how IT and digital programmes of work support the company’s strategic direction – right through to a prioritised set of actions and tasks. 


What we do

We facilitate your thinking about IT and assign your ideas to Visions, Missions, Objectives, Strategies and Tactics. We work with you to agree a vision statement, 3-4 missions, 3-6 strategies per mission, ‘n’ number of actions and tasks. We collaborate with stakeholders and analyse the business benefits, estimate the costs and resource, and prioritise each task. 


What you take away

A ‘mission board’ visualisation of the company’s programme with a set of prioritised actions based on cost-benefit ratios, risk and compliance. 

You’ll see the links from the strategic priorities to down operational plans and tasks. Gaps, duplications and dependencies are made visible, so you’ll able to ensure all levels of the organisation are aligned and working towards the strategic goals.