Improve performance workshops

“As FMCG specialists, we worked with FluidIT to build a low cost, highly customisable waste management app in order to make world class waste management accessible and affordable to all FMCGs.”

Jeremy Praud, Managing Director, FMCG Academy

Digitise a key process / build a BI dashboard

Digital transformation without disruption and no big upfront costs. These cost-effective workshops give you low risk plans to get results from digitisation in weeks not months.

What we do

We work with you to establish the strategic priorities. Together we identify one key process and / or one Business Intelligence (BI) dashboard for automation, factoring in the significance to the business, cost, benefits and speed of delivery.

For the digitise a process workshop we collaborate with stakeholders to map each stage of the process and quantify time and resource at each manual touchpoint. We analyse the gap between the current state and the required future state, establish user requirements and factor in business impact, risk and compliance. 

For the BI dashboard workshop, we collaborate with stakeholders to understand the KPIs, the data sources, and the optimal way to present the information. Then we prepare a dashboard using PowerBI, from the most readily available data sources. 

What you take away 

A plan for digitising one key process, based on strategic priorities, cost benefit analysis, rapid implementation and benefits delivered to the business. 

A PowerBI dashboard showing KPIs and high priority data sets for easily available data sources.