“faster, better, more innovative technology delivery”

FluidIT mobilised a strategic programme of work to transform IT ways of working for improved speed and quality of delivery and delivered a new suite of core systems. 

Hitachi Capital (UK) PLC is a leading financial services business with more than 1,200 employees across the UK. The company provides market-leading products and services for more than one million customers in business, retail, vehicle solutions, and personal finance.


The company’s success in providing innovative financial solutions created rapid growth in a succession of record-breaking years. IT delivery kept pace through adaptation of existing systems with new features, products and capabilities which resulted in complex IT architecture. As the business matured, there was a need to further increase the speed with which IT could deliver new and improved technology solutions.


FluidIT brought our expertise to deliver a systems transformation mobilisation phase.

We conducted a series of workshops with stakeholders across the business divisions to understand current and future strategic requirements. We delivered a detailed analysis of the complexities and interdependencies of the IT environment and architecture, and mobilised a programme of work to define and scope a strategic systems transformation programme across business divisions, and defined and agreed a blueprint design and implementation plan for Agile ways of working within the IT department.


The roll out of the new business strategy and project prioritisation tool with the senior leadership team enabled the full portfolio of IT projects for the next year to be rapidly defined, prioritised and agreed. And we supported the finance team to set a full annual benefit / cost budget for the coming year using the outputs. We mobilised a strategic programme of work to transform the IT ways of working and deliver a new suite of core systems with the following outcomes,

  • improved speed with which IT delivers new and improved technology solutions for the business
  • IT more proactive in scanning the technology environment and helping the business to innovate
  • improved partnership between IT and the business to improve the quality of solution delivery